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Alberta is a world leader in the oil and gas industry, and while it is known as  Canada's "energy province,” it is also home to a vibrant and fast-growing industrial and service economy. Thanks to the opportunities provided by great economic growth, Alberta has become one of the top destinations for immigration to Canada.

Attend live info sessions

Our 2 day online fair will feature live keynote speakers in our auditorium, who will inspire, motivate, and inform you about your new life in Alberta. We’ll cover tips on job hunting, settling in you new province, provide information about education, bridging programs and accreditation for working. Get the expert advice you need to succeed!

Speak with experts 1-on-1

Chat with booth reps and expand your network. Find out more about opportunities that exist for someone with your background and skill set. Connect with employer or settlement representatives face-to-face and demonstrate or hone your interpersonal, communication, and professional etiquette skills.


Listen to experts! Speak with advisors one-on-one. Download brochures and flyers. Watch videos. Attend webinar sessions. Register for free training sessions for newcomers. Attend from wherever you are on any device that’s convenient for you! Registration is free! Register today!

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What To Expect At Our Online Fair

Settling in Alberta

Register and attend our online fair. This is your chance to speak with experts from Alberta and have your questions answered, including:

Employers and Career Service Providers

While the energy sector continues to be a major employer in the province, Alberta boasts a diversified economy. Beyond oil and gas, forestry remains an important industry. The manufacturing sector has doubled in size in the last decade and innovation is spurring new industries that make Alberta a strong competitor in global markets. Alberta has also traditionally been home to large farming and ranching industries, which remain an important part of the province’s culture and economy.

Find out if you have the necessary skills to be a part of this growing economy!


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Professions in Alberta

Working in Your Profession or Trade

Do you intend to work in a regulated profession or trade in Alberta? Do you understand the requirements to do this? This is your chance to connect with experts that can help answer your questions and give you the advice you need.

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Continuing Education & Training

Will you need to go back to school to obtain a diploma or certificate, upgrade your education or complete a training program? Will you need additional training to help you find work?  Is an alternative career right for you? Talk with our experts to research the continuing education and training opportunities available to you to qualify to work in the job you want in any city in Alberta!

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Applicant to Settling in Alberta Virtual Fair

Alberta Government and Settlement Services

Government and Settlement Services

If you’ve been approved for Permanent Residency in Canada, you may be eligible for free online and in-person services and supports while you are still overseas. Learn about these services and service providers who can help. Find out about the support available from different levels of government, and what living and working opportunities are like in different cities in Alberta.

If you’re already in Alberta, find out about free services for newcomers available through settlement agencies.

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It's time to make your move.This is your chance to speak with experts from Alberta and have your questions answered. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

[fa icon="plus-square"] Am I eligible for the virtual fair?
To be eligible for the fair you need to either be in the process of applying for your Canadian visa or already in Canada.
[fa icon="plus-square"] How much does the virtual fair cost?
The virtual fair is completely free with no hidden costs. There is nothing that you will need to pay at any time when you register and meet with the experts.  You can register for the virtual fair today using the form below and get your future in Canada off to a great start!
[fa icon="plus-square"] How do I attend the fair?
You can access the fair on the correct date on a desktop, laptop or even your mobile phone.  Just register using the form below and look forward to getting all of the training and education you need to find a great career in Canada.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Can I attend the fair after I arrive in Canada?
Yes, of course, the fair is open to all newcomers to Canada. Prepare for Canada has a great many resources for immigrants at any stage of their immigration journey.