Skilled Trades In British Columbia

Is British Columbia A Good Choice For A Career In Canada?



Knowing where to land as an immigrant in Canada can be a hard choice.  For many, the decision can be made based on the location of family and friends as they can provide a support system in the early days of your new life in Canada.  Another option is to carefully assess the long term opportunity and benefit of living in a particular province or city in Canada.  In recent years, British Columbia has become the fastest growing economic province in Canada.  Knowing this, makes the career minded immigrant take pause and seriously consider Vancouver and British Columbia as a whole as a serious option.


A secondary concern when choosing a province is the potential for long term growth and Canadian career opportunities.  Within the next ten years, the province of British Columbia is expecting to have an additional one million job openings.  This is due to a large sector of the employed people heading towards retirement as well as a lack of skilled tradespeople.  Once you add in the predicted economic growth for the province, your research will begin to paint a clear picture of great employment potential in BC.


The Facilitating Access to Skilled Trades in BC project (FAST BC) is developed by the Immigrant Employment Council of BC ( with funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. FAST BC works to ensure that immigrants in targeted trades get hired in jobs that utilize their skills and training; that BC employers can gain the capacity necessary to integrate immigrants and build more inclusive workplaces; and, that regions and sectors currently experiencing skills shortages will have better access to skilled immigrants who are in the process of coming to BC.  The Fast BC program is free to all those who qualify for the program. 


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With such fantastic economic growth forecast for British Columbia, the government of Canada has taken the initiative to fund programs designed to help support immigrants just like you in your pre-arrival journey to work in skilled trades in British Columbia.  If you have over two years worth of experience in one of the below careers and have been approved for permanent residency in Canada, then you are a good candidate for the FAST BC funded program

  • Automotive Services
    • Mechanic
    • Automobile Mechanic
    • Automotive Repairer
    • Auto Body Technician
    • Car Mechanic
    • Garage Mechanic
    • Motor Vehicle Technician/Mechanic
    • Service Technician
    • Tune-Up Specialist


  • Carpentry
    • Apprentice Carpenter
    • Building Carpenter
    • Boat Builder
    • Woodhouse Carpenter
    • Interior Finish Joiner
    • Log Home Builder


  • Power Engineering
    • Apprentice Power Dispatcher
    • Building Systems Technician
    • Control Room Operator
    • Electrical Power Systems Operator
    • Power Plant Stationary Engineer
    • System Controller 

Developed in partnership with the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), FAST BC will provide pre-arrival services to automotive service technicians, carpenters and power engineers who have already received approval to immigrate to Canada. Services include academic credential evaluation, competency based assessment, online bridging courses, workplace culture and essential skills training, e-mentoring, and job matching support.