Prepare for Canada reaches over 700,000 annual unique visitors through our website, and every day we reach nearly 5,000 newcomers through our social media activities (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). We also have an email marketing database of 40,000 immigrants to Canada we are able to reach newcomers at every stage of the newcomer journey.

Through our customer relationship management system we segment our audience to better understand their information needs, and follow up by delivering quality, timely, and contextual information that relates to those needs:

• building newcomer trust
• generating qualified leads for our partners.



The Process

1. Building Our Community

Thousands of prospective pre and post arrival newcomers from our Prepare for Canada subscriber base, social media followers, organic traffic, as well as strategic partner referrals visit our properties every day. These newcomers are prospective leads for you.

We’re successfully reaching newcomers at different stages of their newcomer journey, using the platforms they’re using to learn about Canada.

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2. Segmenting Our Community

Prospective leads interact with our content by browsing news articles, reading blogs, downloading white papers, attending webinars and accessing editorial content. Prospective leads access this content through registration and provide important information that helps us customize the content they receive from us in future.

Our different entry levels and progressive registration allows us to learn more about our visitors over time (as they return to our website and answer different questions every time)



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3. Nurturing Targeted Qualified Leads

Custom content is delivered based on the self-identified needs of the audience.

By understanding where our audience is in their journey, we’re better able to provide quality, timely, and contextual content that relates to their specific needs, and build the trust that we can help them.




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Contact Us to Find Out More


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Alla Gordeeva | Manager Stakeholder Engagement


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