Choosing Where To Live In Canada? Could British Columbia Be The Right Choice For You?

Posted by Prepare for Canada on Jan 25, 2017 11:26:40 AM

The Province of British Columbia in Western Canada is growing, with 82 billion dollars in construction projects already underway across the Province, with a great deal more planned in the future. This makes British Columbia a very attractive province for newcomers looking to enter the Canadian workforce.


British Columbia's Construction Industry In Numbers 

British Columbia has over 22,000 potential employers in the construction industry, the majority employing less than ten employees. These potential employment opportunities are available in every region of British Columbia, active in home building, commercial, industrial, institutional, road building, and civil engineering projects. The average annual salary of a construction employee based in British Columbia is about $55, 600 CAD.

Based on recent estimates, the British Columbia skilled trades sectors will have 58,000 job openings in the next decade, with about 25,400 construction jobs to go unfilled due to a lack of skilled labour. To learn how you can take advantage of these available opportunities through the BCCA-IN program, register for our upcoming infosession. 

To learn more about the BCCA Integrating Newcomers program, Watch The On Demand Webinar to take full advantage of the opportunities available to you before you immigrate to Canada.

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Construction job opportunities in British Columbia

British Columbia’s construction industry offers employment opportunities for many types of workers. Experienced tradespeople such as carpenters and welders are in demand, as well as entry level labour and support staff workers. Even professionals like accountants and architects are sought after in the British Columbia Construction sector. Below is a detailed list of the workers that the BCCA will facilitate the employment of.

• Trades Labourers and Helpers
• Carpenters
• Concrete Finishers
• Crane Operators
• Construction Electricians
• Heavy Equipment Operators
• Pipefitters
• Welders

• Lawyers
• Technicians
• Technologists
• Accountants
• Architects
• Estimators
• Surveyors
• Engineers

• Drivers
• Security Guards
• Traffic Control
• Retail Staff
• Building Managers
• Suppliers and Warehousing
• Administers
• Project Coordinator
• And many more…

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