Planning on renting for a short time when you arrive in Canada?

Posted by David Singh on May 5, 2017 2:02:00 AM

Buy or Rent? card with a urban background.jpegIt doesn’t matter if you are looking for temporary accommodation in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto or anywhere else in Canada, you will need to do have a plan to make your landing in Canada a happy and successful one.

Choosing where to live in Canada can be a real challenge and it is not an easy decision, there are many factors that go into choosing a city.  You have to look at how much it costs to rent in Canada, and also the availability of jobs in your desired field.  With all of the stresses of moving to Canada, the choice of where to live is very important.  Once you have decided where to live now you need to find a place to stay in the city you are about to call home.

Many immigrants to Canada will choose to rent temporary accommodation in their first few weeks as they find their feet and decide where they want to live permanently.

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How to choose your temporary accommodation

If you have friends or family already in Canada, then you are in luck.  If you are coming on your own, then you need to get organised.  Even for the first few weeks or months you will need somewhere to call home as you set up all of the things you need to as a recently arrived immigrant to Canada.  

So, when looking at potential temporary rental options in  Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton or Toronto your options will include hostels, short term apartment rentals and you may even want to stay in a hotel.  Below are some great online resources that can help point you in the right direction.

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This is a great resource if you are hoping to stay in a hostel as you arrive in Canada.  Be warned though, there is a great variation in the quality of each hostel so make sure that you read the reviews first.


A great option if you are looking for a simple solution with no commitments.  AirBnB offers a very flexible solution to all of your temporary rental problems.  Again, you should always read the reviews before going ahead with any of the locations.  My experiences with AirBnb have been great.

One thing that I would suggest above all else is that once you have moved into your temporary accommodation you use some of your free time to explore the city you are in.  If you find an area that you really like to look and feel of you can then begin thinking about a more permanent rental situation.  This way you will be familiar with the area that you choose to live in permanently and there won’t be any nasty surprises after you sign a long term lease.

Good luck, and happy hunting!

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