The benefits of volunteering in Canada as a newcomer

Posted by David Singh on Jun 2, 2017 2:00:00 AM

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Newcomers to Canada can often find that volunteering in their local community has a great many benefits.  It can make the difference between getting a comfortable experience settling in Canada and a longer road to happiness here.  

The benefits of volunteering in Canada as a newcomer are two fold, there is the social aspect of meeting a great many people and making friends in the area that you have chosen to live in Canada and more practical applications for your career.  

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As a newcomer you may find that you do not know a great many people once you arrive here. Making friends as an adult can be a little challenging for some.  Especially when there are cultural differences to overcome.  It may be the case that you are very outgoing, only you don’t know how to find people who are open to getting you know you.  Volunteering can provide the backdrop to a comfortable and easy introduction to a great many like minded people.  This is a very popular way for both newcomers and Canadian born people to make friends.  The best thing is to get yourself out there talking to people and getting to know your fellow Canadians.

Another, equally important reason that you should seriously consider volunteering in Canada is to network professionally.  If you find an opportunity to volunteer in your chosen profession or in a related industry then you could really be onto a winner.  You can meet people that can expand your professional network and learn a great many job related skills.  This kind of volunteering looks great on a resume and can be a huge help when it comes to applying for jobs in the future.  

Even if you can’t find a volunteering opportunity in the industry that you want to work in then you should still consider volunteering to be a valuable use of your time.  Volunteer work can be considered Canadian work experience.  This can really help newcomers like yourself get over the hurdle of not having any Canadian work experience in the eyes of potential employers.

Another reason to volunteer is that it helps you feel good about yourself as you establish yourself as someone who cares about their new community in Canada.

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