4 Reasons Why You Should Turn Down A Job Offer And Keep Looking In Canada!

Posted by Amy Zahran on Apr 9, 2017 3:01:00 AM

It feels great to find that first job offer after a while of hunting around and submitting resumes. I would offer a word of caution though.  Even though you have a job offer, is it the right one for you?  It is of course very beneficial to have any Canadian work experience, and you may even need a survival job for the first few months after you arrive.  You do need to weigh up your options and make an informed decision about exactly what it is that you are hoping to get out of your job.

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What Does Business Casual Mean In Canada

Posted by Amy Zahran on Apr 5, 2017 4:01:00 AM

Not so long ago it used to be true that everyone who went for a job interview in Canada had to wear their best suit or professional clothing.  Then once they started their new job in Canada, they would have to wear these clothes every day.  

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How To Ship All Of My Things to Canada

Posted by Ridhisha Mekala on Nov 25, 2016 10:46:09 AM

As you are about to take that long-awaited flight to Canada, the excitement and anticipation of settling permanently in your new home country of Canada is becoming very real. There is one last thing that is left for you to do – shipping your personal belongings to Canada from your birth country.

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