Career Pathways Architect

Working in Canada as an internationally educated Architect

The profession of architect is a regulated one in Canada, and you need to be licensed from the regulatory body in the province or territory where you intend to work. The employment requirements for architects in Canada include a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school of architecture, a three-year internship, a registration examination and registering with the provincial or territorial association of architects in the region of work. As well, you must complete a specified number of hours of work experience in specific areas. Most architects are employed by architectural firms, private corporations and governments; some are self-employed.  Our Architect Career Pathways Ebook will provide information on the following subjects:

  • Pre-Arrival First Steps Including links to the Working in Canada tool from the Federal Government.

  • Skills Development Including tips on skills upgrading and bridging programs available at universities, colleges and settlement agencies across the country.

  • Understanding Canadian Workplaces Featuring tips about volunteering, internships, mentoring, and job shadowing programs that could can help you in your job search and job performance.

  • Job Finding Techniques Resources including links to Immigrant Settlement Agencies and tips on resume writing, interview techniques, information interviews and networking.

  • Associations Links to National, Provincial and Territorial regulatory bodies and professional immigrant networks.

  • Employment An overview of best locations, major employers sector reports and alternative career pathways. 

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Note – “Career Pathways” is only a guide and you will have to do more research to make a career plan that will work for you. The information listed in Career Pathways is for guidance purposes only and is up to date to the best of our knowledge. It is recommended that you contact the relevant body before taking any step.