optometrists practice in Canada

Learn about the Optometry Profession in Canada

Around 4300 optometrists practice in Canada, but their number is expected to increase over the next few years, because as the Canadian population ages, the demand for and number of people seeking optometric services will increase. Approximately 83% of them, according to census data, have a private practice, while the remaining 17% work for opticians as salaried or contract employees.Generally, job prospects in this occupation are positive, and new job openings in the sector are expected to come mainly from opportunities that arise when practicing optometrists retire or to a lesser degree, from employment increase.Our Optometry Career Pathway Ebook will provide information on the following subjects:

  • Pre-Arrival First Steps
    Including links to the Working in Canada tool from the Federal Government.
  • Skills Development
    Including tips on skills upgrading and bridging programs available at universities, colleges and settlement agencies across the country.
  • Understanding Canadian Workplaces
    Featuring tips about volunteering, internships, mentoring, and job shadowing programs that could can help you in your job search and job performance.
  • Job Finding Techniques
    Resources including links to Immigrant Settlement Agencies and tips on resume writing, interview techniques, information interviews and networking.
  • Associations
    Links to National, Provincial and Territorial regulatory bodies and professional immigrant networks.
  • Employment
    An overview of best locations, major employers sector reports and alternative career pathways. 

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