Discover Fredericton

March 15, 2023, 10:00 AM Toronto Time

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Choosing where to live in Canada is a challenge for many immigrants. Large cities like Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver that have a very high cost of living, increasing house prices, and overcrowding can seem like the only option. Other cities in Canada can offer you the Canadian dream of a great job, home ownership, good schools, and much more. Fredericton is one of these cities. Attend our upcoming webinar to learn more.

Learn about job opportunities, cost of living, housing, available services. Get your questions answered live!

What you will learn at the Webinar

  • The opportunities that are available in Fredericton
  • All of the great services that you can access
  • How to enjoy a low cost of living in Canada
  • The affordability of housing in this city
  • And much more...


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David Frattini

Managing Partner

Prepare for Canada

& Rentals for Newcomers


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Nausheen Ali


Workforce Development

& Attraction


Being a recent immigrant herself, Nausheen has first-hand experience of settling in Fredericton as a newcomer. Nausheen and her family chose Fredericton as their home, based on the various opportunities for work and business that Fredericton boasts, and she has never looked back since.

She would be happy to tell you about the quality of lifestyle, the opportunities for education, employment, and business, the support mechanisms available for newcomers through various settlement agencies, and the cultural elements of life in this capital town of New Brunswick.