British Columbia Construction Association’s Integrating Newcomers Program

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One of the hardest things that newcomers will experience when coming to Canada is how difficult it is to get hired by Canadian employers.  

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  • Learn how you can enter the British Columbia Construction Association’s Integrating Newcomers (BCCA-IN) program.


  • Receive an assessment of your skills and past experience. This will enable the BCCA - IN team to determine exactly what job would suit you best.


  • Have a career path mapped out for you, with the goal of having your qualifications recognized in Canada


  • Confidently enter the construction workforce in British Columbia.


Funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, the BCCA-IN program helps the economic and social integration of immigrants that are approved for entry into Canada.  Ensuring that those wishing to immigrate to British Columbia are set up for success.

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Lesley Patten

Provincial Manager

BC Construction Association - Integrating Newcomers

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Matthew Stevenson

Skill Assessor

BC Construction Association - Integrating Newcomers

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Nick Noorani

Managing Partner

Prepare For Canada