Your First Steps In Canada Checklist: Covid-19 Update


Making sure that you have everything in place for your move to Canada can be a real challenge, especially now.

Download our FREE checklist ebook to ensure that you are fully prepared to land in Canada. Here are the checklists that are included in the ebook:

  • Checklist 1: Documents you can’t forget to bring
  • Checklist 2: What you can and can't bring with you
  • Checklist 3: Transferring finances - Make sure you select YES to hear from The Bank of Nova Scotia to get the information you need.
  • Checklist 4: Medical and immunization records
  • Checklist 5: Professional documents
  • Checklist 6: Tips for shipping personal effects
  • Checklist 7: What to know about medical insurance
  • Checklist 8: What to include in a quarantine plan

    Due to Covid-19, when you land in Canada you must isolate for 14 days or face a fine or even prison time. It is essential that you have a plan in place for when you land. Download our new checklist to find out how you can do this safely. 

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