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Do you want to continue your career in Canada?

Windmill offer microloans to help you pay for the Canadian credentials you need.


On Demand Webinar: Financial Help To Continue Your Career In Canada

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • get the help you need to take courses and exams so you can do the work in Canada you once did abroad.
  • get approved for a Windmill loan
  • get a loan up to $10,000 to pursue your career goals in Canada
  • find out if you are qualified
A small interest loan from Windmill has Limited restrictions, Easy approval and Less strict application rules than bank loans and Easy payment methods.
Get the help you need to take courses and exams so you can do the work in Canada you once did abroad.

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Shawn McCarty

Manager, Key Partnerships


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Nick Noorani

Managing Partner

Prepare For Canada 


IAF_-_New_Canadian_on_path_to_fulfill_calling.jpg“I could not have undertaken this process without the loan,” she says. “Now I have a chance to work as a dentist. It is my calling.”

- Dr. Adriana Guillen

IAF_-_Pharmacist_realizes_dream.jpg“The loan allowed me to focus on my studies without the distraction of a second job and financial stress,”

- Abiodun Adebayo

IAF_-_Newcomer_reaches_for_the_sky.jpg “You are able to manage your life while you are studying, so you can commit to the program and choose your own course. Then, the sky’s the limit.”

 - Magnus Saramago

About Windmill Microlending


Windmill Microlending is a registered charity serving newcomers since 2005. We offer microloans to help skilled immigrants and refugees continue their careers in Canada. Funded by the public and private sector, Windmill is Canada’s largest and most successful microlending program for immigrants and refugees.

Find out if you are eligible to apply for an Windmill loan. Learn more about how you can best support your loan application.