Virtual Online Fairs

Our online fairs are designed to help newcomers in their immigration journey, both on a pre and post arrival basis, by allowing them to connect one-on-one with the experts who can help them make informed decisions.

At the fair you will be able to speak directly with thousands of visa qualified individuals from all over the world and immigrants already landed in Canada. This is the perfect opportunity to connect, raise awareness, and generate leads.

Why you should be an exhibitor at the fair

  • Eliminate the need for physical fairs and allows for social distancing
  • Connect directly with newcomers to Canada before and after they arrive
  • Present through an interactive webinar format
  • Conduct polls and surveys to fully understand the needs of your customers
  • Obtain measurable and actionable data on the newcomer audience
  • Generate leads
  • Reach your business goals and targets
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Clients that we work with

Our fairs attract the who's who of immigrant settlement and support services. This makes attendance at our event essential for any newcomer to Canada looking to make the most out of their move to Canada. Here are just some of the exhibitors that are present in our online fair program.

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Connect with newcomers overseas who are visa ready, or those who have just landed in Canada.

  • Webinars
  • Live chat
  • Real-time polling and surveys
  • Social media
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100% mobile friendly - completely accessible on all devices for visitors and exhibitor reps and no download required. Prepare for Canada's virtual fair is the best way to connect with newcomers to Canada.

Engage Anywhere At Any Time

Reach out to newcomers anywhere at anytime. Through our virtual fairs we are providing local, provincial, national and international reach.

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Low, Low Cost

More benefits than a physical fair at a fraction of the cost (no travel, accommodation, brochure expense, etc.) 

Traditional shows involve investment in time and money in booth costs, preparation costs, travel and accommodation costs. Virtual fairs give you the targeted audience you want in a more cost effective manner.

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Great Audience Insights

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Our registration data capture along with our event and booth activities provide you with unparalleled audience insights with opportunities for ongoing follow up with attendees. 

Reach Out To Visa Ready And In Canada Immigrants