Do You Want To Become More Attractive To Canadian Employers?


Increase your chances of finding a great career in the skilled trades. 

 In this the Live Webinar and you will learn:

  • To Identify where you need to improve your skills
  • About the certifications you need
  • How FAST BC helps qualified, internationally trained tradespersons succeed


Immigrants just like you who have completed the FASTBC Program explained in this webinar.

L.C. from UAE - “Professional immigrants just like me land in Canada with lots of question and are uncertain of where to begin. My main worry was how to align my home country’s experience and education to the Canadian market so that I can achieve the professional status I had in my home country. FAST BC’s program gave me a “Plan” to work on, and gave me support. I am very grateful to FAST BC.”

D.K. from India - “I've started today with the program and completed Part A: I  scored 70%! Things are going smoothly and I’m finding it very helpful to increase my knowledge. I really enjoyed the amount of information that it includes.”

Webinar Speakers

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FAST BC provides pre-arrival support for immigrants who are looking for jobs in three key trades: automotive services, carpentry, and power engineering.