KBYG Workbook

Know Before You Go!

Find out what you must do before leaving your home country and what you need to do after landing in Canada.

The Complete Pre-immigration Course For Canadian Immigrants

You may find that you are not sure of what to do before you make the journey to Canada.

This Ebook will help you to make the right choices during this exciting time.

By downloading this Ebook you will learn:

What you must do before leaving your home country:

 PFCCheckmarkPNG.png Understand Your Profession in Canada

 PFCCheckmarkPNG.pngGather Essential Documents You Can’t Forget to Bring to Canada! 

 PFCCheckmarkPNG.pngOpen a bank account before you arrive

 PFCCheckmarkPNG.pngImprove Your Language Skills

What you need to do after landing in Canada:

PFCCheckmarkPNG.png Apply for the Documents You Need, Permanent Resident

Card, SIN Card, Health Card etc...

 PFCCheckmarkPNG.pngFind Accommodation 
 PFCCheckmarkPNG.pngLearn how to Job Search in Canada



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"We are so excited and Prepare for Canada has been very helpful with a lot of information on settling in Canada. There's fear of course moving to a country but I feel prepared now with all the information that has come my way through Prepare for Canada and other research I have done on my own."

-J P Das from India


"I have been following materials from Prepare for Canada before landing and it has helped me a lot. With the techniques learned from you, I recently got a job with a very reputable company and with decent pay."

-E. Dardan from Bulgaria


"The webinar was very informative, thank you for answering my questions. I look forward to attending your other webinars."

-J Chen from Hong Kong

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Having a home to call your own in Canada is one of the most important parts of settlement.  You can hear from experts on how to best rent and buy your first home in Canada at the live webinar.

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