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Moving to Canada is a time filled with excitement, hopes, and dreams for your future. However, it also comes with making important decisions such as choosing where to live in Canada. Choosing a city can be tricky. And, the city you select can be a large determinant of your financial success. So, a smart step is to research so that you choose the best city that will meet your personal, professional, and financial needs.


Whether you’re moving to Canada on your own, or with a family, here are some important factors to consider that we cover in the Guide to Living in Toronto, Ontario:

Here are just some of the topics covered in the ebook:

  • Society
  • Economy
  • Cost of Living
  • Weather
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Public Transit
  • Driving
  • Libraries
  • Shopping
  • Finding a Home
  • Health Care
  • Recreation
  • Cultural Events and Festivals
  • Places of Interest
  • Sports.


When evaluating your landing city options, consider these vital questions:

Population: Do you prefer to live in a densely populated large city, or a mid-sized or small city?

Lifestyle: Do you prefer a large, bustling city with lots of activity? Or, do you prefer a more relaxed pace of life? While not always the case, in general, smaller cities tend to have lower commute times, lower crime rates, and greater access to outdoor activities and open space.

Community support for newcomers: While you’ll find access to many settlement services in large cities, smaller cities offer the same services. Research what pre- and post-arrival support services exist to help you adapt to living in the city.

Entertainment: Small cities have theatres, museums, markets, festivals, restaurants, and many other attractions. But if you prefer the energy of a large city, your entertainment options are much larger. The downside is that so are the costs.

 Ensuring your health and well-being is essential. Consider the proximity and availability of family doctors, hospitals, and medical clinics.

Schools: Whether you have young children who will attend school, or you want to continue your education, schools may be a priority to you.


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