Franchising for New Canadians Program

Save the Date!

Friday, April 5, 2019 | 12:00 PM Toronto Time

We know that the decision to own a franchise can seem overwhelming. We also know that the best way for you to make this decision is to learn more about franchising in Canada. That’s why we’re providing you with information and advice from leading franchise experts.
We’re pleased to announce our new Franchising for New Canadians program. This program will provide you with information, ideas, and actions that you can take immediately to help you achieve your franchising dream.

During this 30-minute webinar, you will learn about:

  • How the program can help you to learn and understand more about franchising in Canada
  • How to use our Franchising Learning Center
  • Important tools and resources to help you make an informed decision
  • Our free Franchise Self-Assessment to help you decide if franchising is right for you.




Jim Gormley

President & C.E.O.

The Franchise X-perts Inc.

Learn more about Jim and the Franchise X-perts Inc.

The Franchise X-Perts Inc has been actively engaged with select consumer groups who have shown a real interest in Franchising as a pathway to being their own boss as well as with established and emerging franchisors who are actively seeking qualified franchisee candidates for their system.

Our goal is to engage with potential franchise buyers and to provide them with as much information on the many option that Franchising presents so that they can make a more informed decision regarding finding the right Franchise system and one that realistically matches their qualifications, financial capabilities, person.


David Frattini

Managing Partner

Prepare For Canada