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For newcomers to Canada, buying a franchise is one of the most attractive ways to run their own business. A franchise business comes pre-prepared with an established reputation, a known customer base, and a proven business structure. It allows you to run your business, without having to start it from scratch.

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Choosing the right franchise


As a newcomer to Canada, you may have decided that you would like to buy a franchise. Choosing the right franchise is a critical first step as they are not all created equal. We will help you to make the right decision.

Three Key Signs of a Great Franchisor

Franchisors are selective about who they select to represent their brand. You should be selective too. If you’re exploring franchising opportunities, you likely believe in the success of the franchise model. That business success will grow when the franchisor demonstrates:

1. Strong leadership and vision
2. Positive relationships with their franchisees
3. Support for their franchisees


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There are several ways to finance a franchise and achieve your dream of franchise ownership in Canada.

The good news is that if a franchise is established with a proven track record of success, it may be easier to get financing as a franchisee than as a new and independent business owner. While there are numerous financing options, you have to understand the options before you can make a decision that is best for you. 

6 Financing Sources for Your Franchise

1. Cash

2. Personal Savings

3. Traditional Loans

4. Supplemental Financing

5. Franchisor Financing

6. Government Assistance

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business plan

Your franchise business plan will help you to set goals for the future. The business plan is your blueprint for business success and creates the foundation for smooth operations. A business plan works best when you update it frequently to reflect your franchise’s current status and goals.

These tips will help you to write a franchise business plan that is practical, useful, and gets financed.


1. Show your investors there is a market for your franchise’s products and services.

2. Demonstrate your capability and that of your management team.

3. Prove that you have adequate financial and physical resources.

4. Identify any obstacles and how you will face them. Include a contingency plan to show what actions you will take for any worse case scenarios.

5. Establish a plan and general timeline for your franchise.

6. Use clear language when you write your business plan. Avoid overly technical language and write to express, not impress.

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If you are thinking about franchising, you should speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced franchise lawyer can help you to clearly understand what’s involved and how you can protect your legal interests. If you’re new to franchising, you’ve likely noticed how much information there is to gather, collect, and evaluate. If you have already started conducting your franchise research, you have hopefully:


Why Do I Need A Franchise Lawyer Early in the Process?

Obtain some guidance from the franchise lawyer in conducting the necessary due diligence

Avoid making certain mistakes in the early stages of the relationship with the franchisor. For example, many prospective franchisees have paid initial deposits to their franchisors, even before they have met with their franchise lawyers to review and discuss their disclosure documents

Discuss the process of becoming a franchisee, to get a heads-up on what to expect while moving along the process


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Is franchising right for you? Here are some of the tools and resources we have to guide your research


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Learn about the process of buying a franchise

Buying a franchise is a rewarding but also challenging process. We have made it much easier by creating an easy to follow series of videos that will walk you through all stages of becoming your own boss.

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Franchising can be a wonderful business opportunity – if you have the right personality for the job. Becoming a franchisee in Canada can be a profitable and reliable way to run your own business. Just like any other job, however, to be happy and successful you need to be the right fit for the role. After you complete the assessment, we will send you an ebook with helpful tips to help you interpret the results. 

By taking this Assessment you could find out if you have the 10 Critical Traits for Franchising Success!

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Franchise partners



We have partnered with a number of Franchise partners and you can hear directly from them all about:

  • How to make your self an attractive candidate
  • What support you can expect
  • The level of investment and financial return you can expect
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We connect you directly to a franchise broker


Why do you need a franchise broker that you trust? With more than 40 different franchise categories and approximately 80,000 franchise units in Canada, it can be overwhelming when thinking about what franchise would be perfect for you. And, if this is your first experience exploring the franchise world you may be wondering where to start. Our Franchise broker partner can help you through this process.

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Tips for starting a business as a newcomer to Canada

The road to business ownership can be challenging for anyone, but new immigrants to Canada sometimes face unique difficulties. These tips can help you start a business successfully.

  • Get something on paper as quickly as possible
  • Aim to keep the information clear and to the point
  • Show the plan to your board of directors  

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Our program is available for anyone who is interested in the following:
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