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How a bank can help you start a new life

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As you start your new life, managing your finances will be at the top of your to-do list. Our banking partner, Scotiabank, can help you with the right solutions and advice.

Scotiabank is Canada’s international bank and has been helping newcomers get their best possible start for the past 185 years. Their StartRight Program1 was created keeping in mind your journey to a new country and it has helped hundreds of thousands of newcomers achieve their financial goals.

Here’s what the program offers in a nutshell:


Scotia 1-1Transfer of funds before you move to Canada through the International Account Opening Program. It is the only bank among the top 5 Canadian banks to offer this option and we recommend you consider it as it will help you with the proof of funds document when you land in Canada


Scotia 2-1

$300 in banking benefits, and credit cards, a mortgage and a car loan - all with no income or credit history required.



Scotia 3Customized solutions and helpful advice through financial advisors, who were once newcomers themselves. You can also visit the Banking in Canada and Life in Canada sections on the StartRight website for content on financial literacy and more newcomer resources.


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 Watch the videos below to hear what Scotiabank StartRight customers have to say.

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Legal 1: Scotiabank StartRight Program, created for Canadian Permanent residents from 0–3 years in Canada, International Students and Foreign Workers
Legal 2: Earn $100 when you open a Scotia One™ Account or the Basic Banking Plan which will be deposited into that account within 120 days of the account opening. Visit or in branch for more details about the features and fees of these accounts, including minimum daily balances, and the offer. Have your monthly fees waived on a Scotia One™ Account when you maintain a minimum daily balance. A value of up to $165 per year. Secure your valuables with a free small safety deposit box for a year. A value of $55. Subject to availability and signing the Safety Deposit Box lease.